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Recruitment Solutions - Consultancy to Permanent

Consultancy to Permanent Recruitment - the flexible "Try before you buy" option

Many organisations today are seeking alternative and innovative solutions to meet their recruitment needs. They still have to combat the age-old dilemma, full-time employee or consultant/contractor? Highly constrained budgets, staff headcount freezes and a risk-averse attitude from most HR Departments only compound the challenges faced by resourcing managers.

As a solution to this dilemma, OCS has begun offering its Clients a unique service, Consultancy to Permanent (C2P) Recruitment. The basic premises of the C2P Recruitment service are quality, flexibility and choice.

OCS recruits, as a permanent OCS employee, a candidate specifically for the Client, to the Client’s requirements by matching them to the Client’s job description. The Client is involved throughout the process and still has the final say at interview.

The Client commits to a minimum level of consultancy for that candidate, usually 6 months, and at the end of that period the Client can:

  • recruit the individual as a member of their own permanent staff for no additional recruitment fee
  • extend their contract with OCS for the consultant’s services, usually for at least a further 3 months
  • simply release the Consultant and walk away.

The candidate is given full visibility to all aspects of the process to ensure that he or she understand the implications and are committed to whatever decision the Client makes at the end of the initial 6 months. The Client stipulates from the start, the salary package it wishes to offer to ensure OCS manages the candidates’ expectations prior to them being offered employment by the Client. OCS reserves the services of the consultant exclusively for the Client for as long as the Client commits to their services. Once the Client releases the Consultant at the end of a period, OCS is then free to find other projects for the Consultant.

In delivering this service to other Clients, OCS has:

  • co-ordinated the recruitment activities of the Client’s preferred suppliers to collate and vet all available candidates and offer the Client a single point of contact for this recruitment
  • recruited individuals using its own OCS Resourcing services
  • recruited specifically identified individuals, which the Client had already vetted but could not recruit. OCS’ C2P Recruitment can be offered for any type of candidate, including any whose skills or expertise are not core to OCS and OCS will make best endeavours to secure candidates for the most esoteric requirements.

For further information please call Linda or Ty on 020 8236 7777 or email info@ocs-resourcing.com

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